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Ai là người sớm chấp nhận (cả khách du lịch và các chuyên gia địa phương)?

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Draven Phan:"Hey man, got a couple of ques for you.

1. Who were your early adopters(both travellers and local experts)?

2. When did you guys start to approach them, especially local experts? (Landing page, MVP, MBP, etc)

3. How did you guys deal with local experts and get travellers onboarded?

4. Did you guys raise money from investors? If yes, when?

Thank you really much for being here man!


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Hai Viet Ho:"1. It was easy for us to find early adopters as my co-founder had 10yrs experience as tourguide and a huge network of global friends. We simply emailed her network, my network to let ppl know about us. We decided to solve local epxert side first beforehandling travellers. We need to inventory first. Until now, we are still focusing on local experts 1st. We have a strong based of students who want to find sth fun to do in SEA wheares in Europe, experts in their fields tend to become our local guides.

2. We approach them before we have a prototype as our message is quite simple. " Do you want to make new friends, do things that you love to do in your free time at the price you want

3. For travellers, our site has only one visible function. Search, View Triip and then book. So they can't go else where. For our creators, we guided them via our support system.

4. We raised money from our angel investors last year

Thanks, bro. Just one more.

Do you guys guarantee the quality of the services that local experts provide? If yes, how do you do so? If no, how are you guys going to handle if a traveller runs into an awful situation?


We have 4 layers of quality insurance. 1st: tour detail is screened and approved by us. 2nd: we have on the ground partners in some location. 3rd. escrow service will ensure local experts only get paid when they deliver their best. 4th. 2 way rating system"

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