20 cấu trúc phổ biến trong tiếng anh

I. Cấu trúc chỉ thái độ

1. S + find+ it+ adj to do something: (thấy ... để làm gì...)
e.g. I find it very difficult to learn about English.
e.g. They found it easy to overcome that problem.

2. To prefer + Noun/ V-ing + to + N/ V-ing: (Thích cái gì/ làm gì hơn cái gì/ làm gì)
e.g. I prefer dog to cat.
e.g. I prefer reading books to watching TV.

3. Would rather ('d rather) + V (infinitive) + than + V-infinitive: (thích làm gì hơn làm gì)
e.g. She would rather play games than read books.
e.g. I’d rather learn English than learn Biology.

4. To be amazed at = to be surprised at + N/V-ing: ngạc nhiên về....
e.g. I was amazed at his big beautiful villa.

5. To be angry at + N/V-ing: tức giận về
e.g. Her mother was very angry at her bad marks.

6. to be good at/ bad at + N/ V-ing: giỏi về.../ kém về...
e.g. I am good at swimming.
e.g. He is very bad at English.

7. to be/get tired of + N/V-ing: mệt mỏi về...
e.g. My mother was tired of doing too much housework everyday.

8. can’t stand/ help/ bear/ resist + V-ing: Không chịu nỗi/không nhịn được làm gì...
e.g. She can't stand laughing at her little dog.

9. to be keen on/ to be fond of + N/V-ing: thích làm gì đó...
e.g. My younger sister is fond of playing with her dolls.

10. to be interested in + N/V-ing: quan tâm đến...
e.g. Mrs Brown is interested in going shopping on Sundays.

II. Các loai cấu trúc về sử dụng thời gian

11. by chance = by accident (adv): tình cờ
e.g. I met her in Paris by chance last week.

12. to waste + time/ money + V-ing: tốn tiền hoặc thời gian làm gì
e.g. He always wastes time playing computer games each day.
e.g. Sometimes, I waste a lot of money buying clothes.

13. To spend + amount of time/ money + V-ing: dành bao nhiêu thời gian làm gì..
e.g. I spend 2 hours reading books a day.
e.g. Mr Jim spent a lot of money traveling around the world last year.

14. To spend + amount of time/ money + on + something: dành thời gian vào việc gì...
e.g. My mother often spends 2 hours on housework everyday.
e.g. She spent all of her money on clothes.

15. It + be + time + S + V (-ed, cột 2) / It’s +time +for someone +to do something: (đã đến lúc ai đó phải làm gì...)
e.g. It is time you had a shower.
e.g. It’s time for me to ask all of you for this question.

16. It + takes/took+ someone + amount of time + to do something: (làm gì... mất bao nhiêu thời gian...)
e.g. It takes me 5 minutes to get to school.
e.g. It took him 10 minutes to do this exercise yesterday.

17. Used to + V (infinitive): (Thường làm gì trong qk và bây giờ không làm nữa)
e.g. I used to go fishing with my friend when I was young.
e.g. She used to smoke 10 cigarettes a day.

III. Các cấu trúc khác

18. To prevent/stop + someone/something + From + V-ing: (ngăn cản ai/ cái gì... làm gì..)
e.g. He prevented us from parking our car here.

19. to give up + V-ing/ N: từ bỏ làm gì/ cái gì...
e.g. You should give up smoking as soon as possible.

20. To be/get Used to + V-ing: (quen làm gì)

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